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Below are the questions we’re often asked about Dental Savings Plans, and our responses. If your question isn’t answered here, or you want to know more about dental savings plans, please call us at 866.459.4238 or Email Us.

About Dental Savings Plans

How do Dental Savings Plans work?

When you join a Dental Savings Plan you get reduced rates on many dental procedures from a network of participating dentists. You pay the reduced rate directly to the dentist, at the time of receiving care.

How much can I save on dental care with a Dental Savings Plan?

Savings are typically a percentage off the dentist’s usual fee for a procedure. The percentage varies from 10-60% depending on the Plan you choose and the procedure you need. If you know you need specific treatments, you can search for a Plan that offers substantial savings on those procedures. Look at a Plan’s fee schedule to see how much you can expect to save with that plan.

What is a fee schedule?

Fee schedules are a list of set charges for various medical/dental procedures. You can check a Dental Savings Plan’s fee schedule to see the typical cost of a dental treatment, the discount you get as a plan member, and how much you’ll pay (and save) as a plan member.

What is an ADA code?

ADA codes to identify each treatment/procedure – it starts with a D and is followed by four numbers (for example: “D7140” indicates a uncomplicated extraction of a single tooth, “D7220” is a extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth). When your dentist gives you a treatment plan, it will typically include ADA codes for each procedure. You can ask your dentist for the codes too. Use these codes to easily identify the procedure you need on a Dental Savings Plan’s fee schedule, and see your discounted rate.

How do Dental Savings Plans differ from dental insurance plans?

Dental insurance reduces the cost of preventive care, and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Dental Savings Plans make costly restorative dental treatments more affordable. If you have dental health issues (such as decayed, missing or failing teeth), or haven’t had dental insurance consistently over the past few years, a Dental Savings Plan is likely to be your best choice.

What is dental insurance’s annual spending cap?

Dental insurance covers the cost of dental care up to a set amount ($1000-$1500, usually) per year. If your care costs exceed that amount, you have to pay for dental care out of pocket until your plan resets the following year. (Dental Savings Plans do not have a spending cap and can be used as often as needed).

Can I use a Dental Savings Plan with my dental insurance?

If you’ve exceeded your annual spending cap a Dental Savings Plan may be used to reduce out-of-pocket dental care costs. You may also be able to use your dental savings plan to get discounted rates and services that your dental insurance does not cover. Your dentist’s office manager can help you to coordinate treatment.

Can I use a savings plan with Medicare?

Basic Medicare doesn’t cover dental care, except in extremely limited situations, so a Dental Savings Plan is a great way to reduce the cost of dental care if you are a Medicare recipient.

Do Dental Savings Plans include discounts on treatments such as braces, dental implants and dentures?

Most Dental Savings Plans do offer discounts on these treatments, and since there is no annual spending cap with a Dental Savings Plan, you can complete these treatments quickly – no need to space them out over two or more years to meet insurance plan restrictions.

Do Dental Savings Plans include discounts on cosmetic treatments such as whitening and veneers?

Many Dental Savings Plans do offer discounts on these treatments, check individual plan details and fee schedules to see what a Plan covers, and how much you can save on cosmetic dental care.

Will a pre-existing dental problem disqualify me from joining or using a Dental Savings Plan?

No. Unlike dental insurance, the majority of Dental Savings Plans help people with issues such as missing or damaged teeth to access affordable dental care.

What plans are available in my area?

Using A Dental Savings Plan

How soon will my Dental Savings Plan activate?

Typically, within 72 hours of plan purchase. And there is no waiting period for costly procedures such as root canals and crowns, as is typical with traditional dental insurance so you can start saving on your dental care right away.

How do I know which Dental Savings Plans my dentist accepts?

You can search for a provider on our website under the Provider Search or you can call us at 866.459.4238. A customer care team member will be happy to verify what dental savings plans your dentist accepts.

Do I receive any discounts from non-participating (out of network) dentists?

Members must always see a participating dentist to receive the discounts associated with their Plan. You can, of course, ask your dentist to join a Dental Savings Plan network, and have them call 866.459.4238 for more information.

What if my dentist doesn’t accept a dental savings plan?

Many dentists do accept dental savings plans, but if yours doesn’t we can help you find participating dentists near your location. Call us at 866.459.4238, and we’ll help you find a dentist in your area who accepts the Dental Savings Plan that’s the perfect fit for your needs.

Using the Member’s Area

What is the Member’s Area?

The Member’s Area is your online source of information about your plan. Log into the Member’s Area to manage your account information (including updating your payment info), review plan documentation, print copies of your Member ID card/s, and access your plan’s fee schedule.

How do I log into the Member’s Area?

Click here, and then log in using the email address and password you entered during the membership process. If you’ve forgotten your log-in information, click the “forgot” link to have log-in refresh info emailed to you.

Where Can I Find My Member Number?

Check the top left side on your membership card, or log into the member’s area of the website and click on the “Print My Card” option.

Why Does My Plan Renew 30 Days Before Prior To The End Date?

Your plan will renew roughly 30 business days prior to your membership expiration date. This allows us the time to process your membership to ensure that your savings don’t lapse.

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