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Start saving at the Dentist Now without Dental Insurance

  • No Waiting for Dental Care: Unlike traditional dental insurance, you can start using your dental savings plan right away.
  • Affordable: Pay one low annual fee and get access to significantly reduced rates offered by 100,000+ dentists nationwide all year long.

Is a Dental Savings Plan right for you?

  • Do you need dental work soon?
    Most dental insurance products have a waiting period. With a dental savings plan, you can start saving in a matter of days.
  • Do you need extensive work?
    With dental insurance, once your annual maximum caps out, you will pay out of pocket for additional procedures. With dental savings plans, the saving is never capped.
  • Do you have Pre-existing conditions?
    Dental insurance may not cover Pre-existing conditions. With a Dental Savings Plan, you can save on dental problems that you had before getting insurance.

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Compare Dental Insurance to Dental Savings Plans

Advantages Dental Savings Plans Dental Insurance
Use As Often As Needed, No Annual Spending Caps
No Waiting Periods
Start Saving Immediately, No Deductibles
No Pre-existing Condition Exclusions
Save On Preventive Care
Save On Restorative Care
Cosmetic Dentistry Savings*

*Available on select dental savings plans

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