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Lower your out of pocket costs with Solstice Plus Plan One

  • Preventive care (exam and cleaning) at no charge every six months (2 free per year) - $200 Value
  • Cosmetic care including Teeth Whitening, Bonding & Veneers
  • Basic and Restorative services 10-50% savings

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Solstice Plus Plan One

Solstice Plus Plan One by Solstice Benefits is a comprehensive dental care plan that’s affordable, simple to use, and is proven to provide overall lower out of pocket costs for members. This plan features free preventive care (checkup and cleaning, twice a year), and savings of 10-50% on over 300 basic and restorative dental services. A discount prescription drug plan is included at no extra cost, for savings on more than 99% of all commonly prescribed medications.

Full Benefits:
  • dental Dental
  • prescriptions Prescriptions
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