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Uni-Care Members save an average of 30% on diagnostic and preventative dental services.

  • Immediate discounts as soon as plan activates – no waiting periods.
  • No annual spending limit – use plan as often as you like.
  • Save up to 30% - 75% on prescription medications at participating pharmacies.

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UNI-CARE 100 Dental Discount Plan

The UNI-CARE 100 discount dental plan includes diagnostic and preventive dental procedures (check-ups, cleanings and regular x-rays) at an average savings of 30%. Dental restorative care services (such as root canals and crowns) are discounted at 15% off the dentist’s usual charges, on average. This is our lowest priced dental plan, but the savings are significant and the plan also includes a great Bonus Benefits package.

Full Benefits:
  • chiropractic Chiropractic 
  • dental Dental
  • hearing Hearing
  • prescriptions Prescriptions
  • vision Vision
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Advantages Unicare 100 Dental Insurance
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Dental Savings
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Hearing Savings
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